What are Home Surveillance Cameras?

Home Surveillance Cameras are Security cameras that can be used in or around your home to monitor and sometimes record what is happening when you are not home. Home Surveillance Cameras might be used to monitor events inside of your home, such as watching your children, monitoring the nanny, babysitter or maid. Surveillance Cameras might also be used outside of your home to help prevent vandalism or destruction, damage or theft. Surveillance cameras are quickly becoming a staple for many homes throughout the country.

Hidden Spy Nanny Cameras

For basic home surveillance applications where cameras are needed, but you don't want to permanently install cameras, our hidden nanny spy cams are a great choice. These spy cameras have a hidden camera built into a normal everyday object like a teddy bear, alarm clock, tissue box, wall clock or more. These cameras also have a built-in SD Card DVR that records from the camera onto a removable SD card for later playback.

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Home Security Cameras Sweeping the Globe

No matter where you live, your neighborhood has probably been touched by burglary, vandalism or worse. According to the FBI, more than 2 Million homeowners in the United States alone experienced burglaries in 2004. It is no wonder that many homeowners throughout the world are now looking to install home security cameras to help protect their families and properties.

Home Security Cameras can help you keep watch of your home, deter a burglary or theft and even receive email alerts when someone is moving around inside your home (with PC-Based Home Security Camera Systems)

Types of Home Surveillance Camera Systems

There are a few different types of Home Surveillance Camera systems that you might consider when you are looking to secure your home. The major types of systems are PC-Based and Standalone DVR Home Surveillance Systems. Learn more about these system types here...

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Outdoor Home Surveillance Cameras

If you are just looking for an Outdoor Home Surveillance Camera to plug into your Television or DVR, then find out more information here.
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Indoor Home Surveillance Cameras

If you are looking for an Indoor Home Surveillance Camera to plug into your TV or VCR, then you might consider these excellent home surveillance indoor cameras.
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Home Indoor Surveillance Cameras

Indoor Home Surveillance Cameras are not required for every home surveillance installation, but they do provide many benefits that are desired for many homeowners. Indoor Home Surveillance Cameras allow you to watch the inside of your home to help keep watch of what happens inside your home.

Below, we have outlined some of the most popular indoor home surveillance cameras.

Home Indoor Dome Surveillance Cameras

Indoor Dome Home Surveillance cameras are an excellent choice for home surveillance cameras. This type of camera provide excellent quality color video. The domes of these cameras generally range from 2" - 4" so they are fairly small and can be installed virtually anywhere.  Some Indoor Dome Surveillance cameras even have infrared night vision capabilities to permit night vision in no-light conditions.

E-806 Budget Style CMOS Color Indoor Dome Home Surveillance Camera

Budget type Indoor Dome Surveillance Camera

For lower budget indoor surveillance camera installations, the CMOS Color Budget dome style cameras are an excellent choice.  These cameras provide basic color video for just about any indoor home surveillance system.

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ID-6200 Sony Hi-Res Color CCD Infrared Day/Night Home Surveillance Indoor Dome Camera

Sony CCD Hi-Res Infrared Night-Vision Dome Surveillance Camera

This type of surveillance cameras is an excellent choice for Day/Night Indoor Surveillance Camera installations. The Sony Hi-Res Color Image Sensor provides great quality high resolution video during the daytime, and switches on its infrared IR bulbs at night for illumination up to 30 feet in no-light conditions.

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CD-1453 Sony CCD High Resolution 480TVL Color Indoor Dome Home Surveillance Camera

Hi-Res Sony 480TVL CCD Indoor Dome Home Surveillance Camera

These super high resolution 480 TVL Sony Color CCD indoor dome cameras are a great choice for daytime indoor home surveillance camera installations. The high resolution of these cameras, combined with the wide-angle lenses provides great coverage of an entire room, allowing you to use less cameras with wider coverage.

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Covert Home Surveillance Cameras

Covert home surveillance cameras are very popular for indoor home surveillance system installations. This type of camera has been made popular by the fact that most people cannot discern the difference between a covert camera and normal household items. Below you will find several different types of covert, hidden surveillance cameras. Each of these cameras come equipped with a pinhole lens, allowing the camera to view the room through a tiny pinhole.

E-801-A - Budget Style Color CMOS Miniature home Surveillance Camera

Mini-Spy Hidden Budget Home Surveillance Camera

For those looking for a covert home surveillance camera installation on a budget, these miniature spy cameras provide good quality color video and can be concealed virtually anywhere. The small body of these cameras make them a clear choice for an installation where the camera will be hidden inside of a clock, picture, book or other normal household item.

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CD-7335 Home Surveillance Covert Hidden Sprinkler Style Hi-Res Sony CCD Color Pinhole Camera

Sony CCD Hi-Res Hidden Sprinkler Home Surveillance Camera

For homes that already have a sprinkler system installed, these covert hidden Sony Hi-Res CCD Sprinkler Style Home Surveillance Cameras are an excellent choice. These cameras conceal a high resolution sony ccd image sensor that provides great color video. The 4.3mm wide angle lens allows for a good wide view of the entire room.

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CD-7226 Covert Miniature Home Surveillance Camera

Sony CCD Hi-Res Hidden Motion Detector Home Surveillance Camera

This type of camera is the most popular for indoor home surveillance camera installations because of the fact that it looks exactly like a common alarm system motion detector. The hi-res Sony CCD image sensor is hidden inside the motion detector body, and the 3.6mm pinhole lens peeks through a small hole in the body of the camera. The wide angle view allows you to get coverage of the entire room.

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Indoor Hidden Spy/Nanny Cameras

If you need to record what happens inside your home so that you can watch your nanny, babysitter, maid or children without them knowing. These are great, if you do not want to wire in permanent style surveillance cameras, then these hidden nanny cameras are a great choice. These cameras are hidden inside of normal items so that no one will suspect that they are a camera. Since they are self-contained nanny cams, you do not need to have a seperate recorder because of the fact that these cameras will record onto an internal DVR with flash memory or SD card. Select from our hidden SD card cameras below, or find our full line of nanny spy hidden cams.

ALM-DVR1 Mini Covert hidden nanny spy camera

Hidden Mini-Alarm Clock Nanny Spy Camera

This spy camera is one of our most popular because it is completely portable. This camera records from the built-in camera and mic in 640x480 resolution onto a removable SD card when motion is detected. Built in battery allows you to move the camera anywhere and not even have to plug it in.

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ALC-DVR32SL nightvision covert alarm clock hidden spy camera

Cube Alarm Clock Hidden Nanny Camera w/night vision

This hidden nanny spy cam w/audio is one of our most popular spy cameras due to the fact that it is designed for continuous use applications, with auto-overwrite capabilities. Just set up this ALC-DVR32SL camera and let it record until something happens. Then play it back on your TV or Computer.

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ALM-DVRHD1 High Def Mini Covert hidden nanny spy camera

Hidden Hi-Def Mini-Alarm Clock Nanny Spy Camera

This camera is great for high-def video/audio recording. It records video at 1280x960 resolution and takes snapshots at 1600x1200 resolution. The built-in rechargable battery powers this camera for motion detection recording up to 12 hours or more. Includes a 4GB SD card and supports up to 32GB.

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